XV International AIDS Conference, Bangkok 2004


HIV/AIDS and drug dependence treatment for drug users - a critical element of a comprehensive response
15 July 2004, Bangkok -- The WHO shared ideas on treatment for intravenous drug users with HIV/AIDS at a press conference held on Thursday 15 July, at the XV International AIDS conference, Bangkok. - Full story

WHO publishes new guidelines on preventing mother to child transmission of HIV
14 July 2004, Bangkok -- The World Health Organization (WHO) has published new guidelines underlining the effectiveness of antiretroviral drugs to prevent the transmission of HIV from seropositive mothers to their children. These guidelines take into account the most recent information on the safety and effectiveness of different drug regimens, as well as concerns over resistance to some of the drugs used, including nevirapine.
- Full story - Guidelines

New edition of WHO prequalification list to include four new anti-AIDS medicines
13 July 2004, Bangkok -- Four new AIDS medicines are being added to the World Health Organization (WHO) prequalification list this week, thus further increasing access to a choice of quality products. - Full story

WHO/USAID Panel: Equal access to AIDS treatment for HIV positive mothers and their children
13 July 2004, Bangkok -- XV International AIDS Conference participants called for equal access to antiretroviral treatment (ART) for HIV positive mothers and their children at a USAID/WHO panel discussion. - Full story

Political leadership vital in scaling up prevention, treatment and care, WHO says
12 July 2004, Bangkok -- Strong leadership is vital for increasing HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention and care, said the World Health Organization (WHO) at a leadership forum of the XV International AIDS Conference. - Full story

WHO/UNAIDS "3 by 5" Satellite Meeting focus on Testing and FDCs
11 July 2004, Bangkok -- HIV Testing and Fixed Dose Combination(FDC) antiretroviral drugs topped discussions at the UNAIDS/World Health Organization (WHO) Satellite meeting on Sunday 11 July, 2004. - Watch "3 by 5" satellite - Full Story

Strong foundations built to increase access to AIDS treatment
10 July 2004, Bangkok/Geneva -- In the six months since WHO and UNAIDS launched the "three by five" strategy, significant progress has been made towards the goal of increasing access to AIDS treatment for all those who need it. - Press Release

One million US dollars to support community-based treatment preparedness: WHO calls for tenders
08 July 2004, Geneva -- As part of a newly-established 'Preparing for Treatment Programme', WHO will dedicate up to US $1,000,000 (one million) to support community-based HIV/AIDS treatment preparedness activities at country level to further contribute to the realization of the "3 by 5" target. The document below invites interested parties to submit tenders to design and operate the programme. Letters of intent should be received by 10 August 2004. The deadline for tender proposals is 31 August 2004. - Call for tenders - eng ¦ fr


- XV International AIDS Conference opens in Bangkok, Thailand, 11 July 2004
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- Daily news headlines from Bangkok
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- Dr Jack Chow, Assistant Director-General for HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria of WHO, interviewed by kaisernetwork.org
- Dr Jim Yong Kim, Director of HIV/AIDS, WHO


- 10 July: Launch/press conference of WHO HIV Plan and "3 by 5" Progress Report
- 10 July: WHO/Global Business Coalition meeting:"Accelerating access to testing"
- 11 July: WHO/UNAIDS Satellite Meeting on "3 by 5"
- 11 July: Symposium on HIV/AIDS communication
- 12 July: Meet the Leaders session on "3 by 5"
- 13 July: WHO Symposium: "Role of Leadership in Scaling up Treatment"
- TB/HIV Events Calendar


- WHO HIV plan [pdf. 1094 kb]
- "3 by 5" Progress report [pdf.436 kb]
- "3 by 5" in Countries - Profiles of selected countries
- WHO/UNAIDS/UNFPA position statement on Condoms and HIV Prevention [pdf.273 kb]
- Guidance for Policy-makers: An Approach to Rapid Scale Up [pdf.315 kb]
- Epidemiological fact sheets on HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections, 2004 update


- "3 by 5": Changing History [html] [pdf]
- Treatment works [html] [pdf]
- WHO Prequalification [pdf]
- Testing and Counselling [pdf]
- AIDS Medicines and Diagnostics Service - AMDS [pdf]
- "3 by 5": Questions and Answers [pdf]


- Media advisory
- Press release


- Address by Jim Yong Kim, M.D., PH.D. Director, Department of HIV/AIDS, WHO
“Scaling up access to care in resource constrained settings: what is needed?"

- Remarks by Nelson Mandela: Confronting the Joint HIV/TB Epidemics