"3 by 5" Country Success Stories

Credit: Partners in Health


Global Fund helps to turn the tide

  • Despite massive challenges in infrastructure, Haiti provided access to ART to estimated an 8% of adults in need, as of end 2004.

  • Haiti was one of the first countries to receive funding from the Global Fund, which also responded to the country’s specific needs by assisting with simplified reporting and accounting tools.

  • Following the funding and initiation of ART programmes, tens of thousands of people sought voluntary testing and counselling.

  • A partnership between non-governmental and community-based organizations, missions, people living with HIV and AIDS and the Ministry of Health implemented a unique model of integrated prevention through mobilizing communities in both urban and rural areas.

  • Additional support from the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief enabled 2 800 people to receive treatment in urban and central Haiti between February and September 2004.

  • Haiti provides an example of how treatment programmes can be rapidly scaled-up in resource-poor settings.
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