"3 by 5" Country Success Stories



A country-wide effort

  • At the end of 2004, Thailand is treating an estimated 44% of people in need of ART

  • The number of people on ART has increased linearly - more than 3,000 new patients plus an additional 200 - 300 children initiated treatment every month between January and August 2004.

  • The government has more than doubled its funding for AIDS treatment from 300 million baht (US$7.7 million) in 2003 to 800 million baht (US$ 20.5 million) in 2004.

  • Thailand currently has over 900 treatment sites. Patient groups and NGOs are working to provide treatment literacy for people living with AIDS to help them make informed decisions about their treatment.

  • The national ART programme has put up highly efficient systems which include extensive training of health personnel, standardized ART guidelines, computerized central procurement and supply management systems with regional centres, laboratory networks, and well-functioning monitoring and evaluation systems.

  • The country has also made major efforts to enhance prevention and treatment of HIV opportunistic infections, including TB and meningitis.
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    1 December 2010 09:33 CET