Global Business Coalition and WHO Expert Meeting
"The Need to Know": Accelerating Access to Testing

2-6pm, Ballroom 3, Royal Orchid Sheraton Bangkok, 10 July 2004

Currently, of the 6 million people in need of antiretroviral therapy, only 400,000 have access to these life-saving medicines.

  • Conscious of the mounting crisis, the World Health Organization and UNAIDS launched the “3 by 5” in 2003 to focus on a measurable target of bringing 3 million people on treatment by the end of 2005. To fill this gap the GBC estimates that in 75 weeks following the XV International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, an equivalent of 5,000 people will need to be brought onto treatment every day
  • In order to reach this number 500,000 people will need to be tested each day. This is based on the estimate that 50,000 will test positive in hard hit areas averaging a 10% HIV prevalence.
  • Of those who test positive, it is projected that 10% will require immediate initiation of treatment.

The "3 by 5" will not succeed without a dramatic scale up of access to testing and a clear signal from the public health community that HIV testing is strongly recommended. The challenge is enormous but attainable with increases in funding from donor governments, reductions in drug and diagnostic pricing, integration of public-private delivery of healthcare and overarching shifts in policy.

Background documents

- Agenda of the meeting
- Global Business Coalition brief
- Concept paper