Communities against AIDS in Russia

The Collaborative Fund for Treatment Preparedness supported many NGOs and CBOs in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) during the past year.

Russia: "Spreading the voices around living HIV positive"

Ira, 18, is a positive woman, working for an AIDS NGO in Moscow. Lauren Lancaster/WHO 2005

Radio Russia was chosen as a grant implementer to bring up voices and opinions from the publics on HIV/AIDS issues. In 2003-2004, Radio Russia launched a series of radio programmes, each featuring a person living with HIV/AIDS and a particular concern they share, followed by commentaries from legal, medical and social experts.

A young HIV positive woman confides in a live show: "Doctors asked me, don't you think the drugs are very expensive? Drinking would be better than injecting drugs". "Society and drug users have very dissimilar views about each other. I felt how terrible can be living with AIDS here, but I was able to liberate myself from injecting drugs and that is my achievement." It is an excerpt from a programme discussing HIV/AIDS and drug use in Russia, in other series astounding problems such as discrimination against PLWHA, their difficulties to find jobs, mother-to-child-infection, church and HIV/AIDS and marriage of HIV positive people were discussed.

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