working together for "3 by 5"

"3 by 5" is a global target that has been endorsed by 192 countries at the World Health Assembly held in May 2004.

How can communities and PLWHA get involved in "3 by 5"?

Find out from WHO PTP (Programme for Treatment Preparedness) web page

Highlights in Partnerships for "3 by 5"

"3 by 5" is a target that many organizations are working together to achieve, including national authorities, UN agencies, multilateral agencies, foundations, non-governmental, faith-based and community organizations, the private sector, labour unions and people living with HIV/AIDS. To succeed, full support and participation from all partners and governments are needed.

partners speaking

"3 by 5" will happen in the countries. Partnerships and collaboration at both country and international levels are absolutely essential for accomplishing the "3 by 5". Everybody has to play their part.