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HIV Patient ART Monitoring Meeting

International Conference Centre, Geneva, 29-31 March 2004 and Beyond

This package of documents of strategic information on "HIV Patient ART Monitoring"summarizes the deliberations and activities related to a meeting held in Geneva in March 2004 and a number sub-group deliberations and the Extended-MERG workshop held 28th October 2004.

It contains:

  • the meeting report on "HIV Patient ART Monitoring", and the list of participants
  • the Interim Patient Monitoring Guidelines for HIV Care and ART
  • and the power point presentations of the meetings.

Additional updated materials on Integrated Management of Adolescent and Adult Illness (IMAI) modules (Acute care, Chronic HIV care with antiretroviral therapy, General principles of good chronic care, Palliative care, Caregiver booklet) can be found on the IMAI link.

Download PDF file in English [pdf 685kb]

Link to the Interim Patient Monitoring Guidelines

The power point presentations are numbered and organized by sequence of presentations, and labelled to identify easily the topics, presenters and agencies with 12 presentations for the March 2004 HIV ART Monitoring Meeting, and 1 presentation summarising the October 2004 post MERG workshop.

:: Systems for comprehensive ART monitoring - Ties Boerma (WHO) [ppt 570kb]
:: Strategic information on ART - Kevin O'Reilly (WHO) [ppt 62kb]
:: TB record systems models for ART care - Dan Bleed (WHO) [ppt 731kb]
:: ART info system in Thailand - Anupong Chitwarakorn (MoH Thailand) [ppt 25kb]
:: Designing and implementing comprehensive clinical encounter forms - John Milberg (US HRS MER) [ppt 612kb]
:: Emergency plan care indicators and variables for ART monitoring systems - Mary Freyder (USAID) [ppt 32kb]
:: Summary of software based systems - Mark Spohr (JSI - USAID) [ppt 1.29Mb]
:: Patient monitoring presentation (3) - Sandy Gove (WHO) [ppt 3.50Mb]
:: Introduction to three break out group work - Eddie Beck (consultation to WHO) [ppt 280kb]
:: Security and confidentiality issues - Xen Santas (CDC) [ppt 2.03Mb]
:: HIV patient ART monitoring meeting summary - Paul DeLay (UNAIDS) [ppt 21kb]
:: UNAIDS extended MERG workshop - Paul DeLay (UNAIDS) [ppt 165kb]

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