The WHO/Contracting and Procurement Service (WHO/CPS)

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What is the WHO Contracting and Procurement Service (WHO/CPS)?

The WHO/Contracting & Procurement Services (WHO/CPS) is a team of purchasing and logistics specialists, that supports WHO's efforts to provide essential health products worldwide. WHO has provided a procurement service to Member States since 1950. This service is now expanded to serve NGOs and other health organizations that have official relations with the WHO regional and country offices. Purchasing of high quality, low cost diagnostic and drugs for HIV/AIDS treatment has to be done by a representative in the WHO regional or country offices on behalf of the ordering organization, using WHO intranet.

What can be ordered from the WHO/CPS?

The WHO/CPS catalogue which is available to WHO staff via the WHO intranet ordering site known as WebBuy, currently has the following items available:

  • Drugs for antiretroviral treatment
  • Other drugs and diagnostics for HIV infection

On special request, the following can be made available:

  • HIV rapid, ELISA and confirmatory tests
  • Essential health products and commodities

Who can order from the WHO/CPS?

  • Regional offices of the World Health Organization
  • All WHO country offices, currently through the regional offices
  • NGOs in official relations with WHO
  • Public health facilities via WHO country representative offices

How to order?

WHO Regional offices are connected to the WebBuy via the Intranet, and can access directly both the system and the catalogues.

Public health facilities and NGOs in official relations with WHO should contact the WHO country office and ask for availability of the products through WebBuy. The WHO office will determine the eligibility of the buyer and facilitate contacts with WHO/CPS. WHO/CPS will contact the customer to clarify specific requirements, logistical specifications and conditions and will issue a proforma invoice also covering transport and insurance. Upon receipt of the pro-forma invoice from WHO/CPS, transfer the total cost to WHO UBS account in Switzerland. After purchase of the requested goods is made, WHO/CPS will arrange for transport to the destination airport. The consignee will receive advance notice of arrival details. The consignee is responsible for collection from the airport, customs clearance, and delivery of the goods.

What does it cost to use the WHO/CPS?

The total cost includes the cost of products, shipping and insurance to destination, plus 3% programme support costs. For the price of HIV antibody test kits please see the WHO Bulk Procurement Scheme 2004 and also Annex 2 of Sources and prices of selected medicines and diagnostics for people living with HIV/AIDS.


Further information on WHO test kit procurement and other commodities is available from the following sources: WHO Contracting and Procurement Services (WHO/CPS) Avenue Appia 20 1211 Geneva 27 Switzerland Tel. +41-22-791 1801 Fax: +41-22-791 4196 Email: