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WHO register of non-State actors

The WHO register of non-State actors is being set up to manage WHO’s interaction with non-State actors transparently. It is an internet-based electronic tool used by the WHO Secretariat to make publicly available the basic information on the non-State actors that WHO engages with and on the individual engagements concerned.

This version of the register is a prototype for demonstration and testing purposes only. It contains information on the nongovernmental organizations that are in official relations and whose relations are due for review by the WHO Executive Board at its 136th session in January 2015. Following testing, the Register will gradually be built up, firstly with the rest of the nongovernmental organizations in official relations, and then with the other non-State actors that WHO engages with.

The register will contain the main standard information provided by non-State actors and high-level descriptions of the engagement that WHO has with these actors. The following information, which non-State actors engaging with WHO are required to provide to the Register, will be publicly available: name, legal status, objective, governance structure, composition of main decision-making bodies, assets, annual income and funding sources, main relevant affiliations, and website address. In the current prototype, only the information on the entities is made available; the description of the engagement will be included later on.