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Voluntary contributions

WHO’s Programme Budget is financed through a mix of assessed and voluntary contributions.

Voluntary contributions come from Member States (in addition to their assessed contribution) or from other partners. In recent years, voluntary contributions have accounted for more than three quarters of the Organization’s financing.

Voluntary contributions can range from flexible to highly earmarked. Core voluntary contributions are funds provided to WHO that are fully flexible at the level of the Programme Budget, or highly flexible at category level, and are an important component of WHO’s financing model.

Core voluntary contributions allow less well-funded activities to benefit from a better flow of resources and ease implementation bottlenecks that arise when immediate financing is lacking. Greater flexibility of funding is, therefore, a key principle of the WHO Financing Dialogue. However, just 7% of all voluntary contributions for the 2014-15 biennium have been made to the Core Voluntary Contributions Account.


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