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Denmark delivers

A mother and child in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Denmark and WHO share a commitment to primary health care for all
WHO/TDR /F.G. Revilla

1 October 2014 -- Denmark has delivered a brand new strategy for cooperation with the World Health Organization and 60 million Danish Kroner in flexible funding.

“Denmark has a long history of working together with the World Health Organization to ensure that everyone, everywhere, has the opportunity to achieve their full health potential,” said Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General, WHO. “Indeed, it was Dr Halfdan Mahler, the Danish former Director-General of the Organization, who shepherded through the Declaration of Alma-Ata with the goal of ‘health for all’.”

Netherlands signs renewed partnership programme with WHO

Netherlands Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen and WHO Director-General Margaret Chan signing a renewed partnership agreement for global public health for 2014-17.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands/S. van den Berg

24 June 2014 -- The Netherlands Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen and WHO Director-General Margaret Chan renewed their partnership for global public health for 2014-17 today. The €40.9 million partnership programme has three components: €17.6 million in fully flexible funds to be allocated in support of WHO Member State global health priorities, €17.2 million for reproductive health research and €6.1 million for water and sanitation initiatives.

Sweden and WHO sign new framework agreement for health

Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO and Jan Knutsson, Swedish Ambassador
WHO/C. Black

5 June 2014 -- Swedish Ambassador Jan Knutsson and World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan have launched the first phase of a new six-year framework agreement that supports their shared commitment to improving the health of the world’s people. Sweden’s 2014-15 commitment of US$ 80 million includes a US$ 30 million increase in fully flexible funds – funds that the Organization allocates in support of Member State priorities – compared to 2012-13.

WHO and Global Fund strengthen partnership

Dr Hiroki Nakatani (Assistant Director-General at WHO) signing the agreement with Dr Mark Dybul (XXX Global Fund)
The GlobalFund/vincentius.becker@theglobalfund.org

20 May 2014 -- WHO and the Global Fund have strengthened their long established partnership with a new technical agreement to support countries in developing more strategic investments in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

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