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Extracts from WHO website or publications

WHO exercises copyright over its website and publications. It does so not for financial gain but to ensure that its information is used in accordance with the organization's principles.

Extracts from WHO's website and publications may be reproduced for certain purposes and with certain restrictions, as indicated in the copyright notice.

If you wish to use an extract from the WHO website or from a WHO publication, please check first that the extract (paragraph, table, figure, photograph or other illustration) actually belongs to WHO. If the extract concerned is marked as reproduced from another published source, then please contact the publisher of that source for permission to reproduce it. In such a case, WHO cannot help you.

If the extract is not marked as being reproduced from somewhere else, then it belongs to WHO.

If you wish to use the extract for research, private study or in a noncommercial document with limited circulation (such as an academic thesis or dissertation), you may do so without seeking permission. Our only requirement is that the WHO source should be appropriately acknowledged.

If you wish to reproduce the extract by a method that gives it wider circulation, commercial or noncommercial, please contact us by using the permission request form. We need the details requested on that form in order to respond to your request. Please note that permission to use WHO material in a particular way should not be taken to imply endorsement by WHO of the document or website where it is to be used.

WHO encourages the use of its information materials for information purposes i.e. when the purpose of the use is to share objective information, whether free of charge or for sale. However, WHO's rules accepted by its 193 Member States do not allow the organization's name to be used to promote specific companies, products or ideologies.

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