About WHO

Highlights from the 2004-2005 Performance assessment report

Strenghtening health systems

A new partnership hosted by WHO, the Health Metrics Network, was created in the biennium. It seeks to increase the availability and use of timely, reliable health information through coordinating development of core health information systems in developing countries.

New WHO biological norms and standards where produced and promoted for blood products, related biological substances and in vitro diagnostic procedures.

WHO prequalification of suppliers and products for treating HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria became a major global programme. The list of pre qualified products is used by United Nations organizations, the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the World Bank to guide procurement decisions. It is increasingly used by Member States, national treatment programmes and nongovernmental organizations.

In order to address issues of concern in cell, tissue and organ transplantation from a global standpoint, a global network of stakeholders was created, the first global guidance documents, which included guidance on xenotransplantation were developed, and a Global Knowledge Base on Transplantation was initiated.