About WHO

24 June financing dialogue meeting

WHO met with Member States and other contributors on 24 June 2013, in Geneva, to embark on a financing dialogue.

The dialogue follows Member States’ agreement on WHO’s priorities for the coming years, focusing on areas where the Organization has a unique function or comparative advantage. These priorities and the actions that WHO has committed to take to improve health outcomes for the world’s people are highlighted in the WHO Programme Budget for 2014-15.

Objectives of the meeting

  • for WHO to share additional information on the programming, budgeting, and financing of WHO’s 2014-15 Programme Budget;
  • for participants to discuss expectations for, and help shape, the financing dialogue process, including the second meeting planned for November 2013; and
  • for participants to provide indications of how they are considering financing WHO and opportunities and challenges they face in securing predictable financing aligned with the priorities of WHO.