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Eighteenth meeting of the Programme, budget and administration committee of the Executive Board (PBAC) 16-17 May 2013

The PBAC will discuss supplements to assessed contributions from Member States, how to broaden WHO’s donor base and how to strengthen coordination of resource mobilization.

A proposed budget resolution and amendments to financial rules and regulations will also be discussed before being submitted to WHA for further discussions and decisions.

Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly (WHA66) 20-28 May 2013

The draft programme budget 2014-15 and the draft 12th general programme of work will be the focus of discussion during the WHA66.

The Assembly will also continue the discussion that was started in EB132 on the financing dialogue to find ways to stabilize and make more predictable financing of WHO’s work for the longer term.

133rd Executive Board 29-30 May 2013

The Executive Board will discuss the overarching principles for WHO’s engagement with non-state actors, progress on the second stage evaluation and ways to shape the agenda more strategically

Evaluating reform: First stage complete, second stage on its way

WHO is on the right track with reform - this was the conclusion of stage one of the independent evaluation report presented to World Health Assembly in 2012. The evaluation is being carried out in two stages, the second stage will assess the WHO reform implementation strategy and the Organization’s preparedness to manage change and overcome barriers for implementation.

The Executive Board established an Evaluation Management Group (EMG) consisting of officers of the Board to oversee the evaluation. The EMG will establish the terms of reference for the evaluation; screen and rank received proposals; and make recommendations on the selection of an evaluation team to the Executive Board in May. The final report of the second stage evaluation team will be presented to the Executive Board in January 2014.