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Report of the United Nations Joint Inspection Unit

At the request of the Executive Board in November 2011, the United Nations Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) has updated two earlier reports on management and administration practices, and the decentralization of WHO. A review has been on-going throughout 2012. These reports have been finalized and include the result of the staff surveys carried out earlier this year by JIU. These reports will be presented to the EB133 in January 2013.

United States Government Accountability Office: Reform Agenda Developed, but U.S. Actions to Monitor Progress Could Be Enhanced

In 2011 United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) was tasked with reviewing the WHO Programme of reform and the findings were presented in a report to the US Senate in July 2012. The report examines the steps WHO has taken to develop and implement a reform agenda that aligns with the challenges identified by various stakeholders, including the United States which has provided specific recommendations for WHO reform. Key findings include:

  • The reform agenda aligns with the challenges identified by the stakeholders.
  • WHO faces potential challenges throughout the implementation of the reform.
  • The success of WHO reform depends on the ability of WHO to establish a comprehensive reform implementation plan as well as ensuring consensus of Member States and internal and external stakeholders on the implementation.

Stakeholder Perception Survey

WHO commissioned Grayling Public Relations, an independent global communications agency, to perform a survey to better understand various stakeholders’ perspectives on WHO. This helps WHO to better understand stakeholder perception and concerns and will feed into the Organization’s global communications strategy.

It will provide a benchmark as we repeat this survey every two-three years. Over a thousand people from 46 countries responded to the survey, including: Ministries of Health and other government ministries, NGOs/Civil society and health professional organizations, UN agencies and other international organizations, foundations and health partnerships, and journalists. In addition, 2300 WHO staff members responded to the survey. The findings will be made available shortly.