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Change@WHO - April 2013 newsletter on WHO reform

Change@WHO follows the developments of WHO reform; each issue will report on the three strands of programmes and priority setting, governance and managerial reform. Change@WHO is published three times per year.


Portrait of Dr Margaret Chan.

"Welcome to this second overview of Change@WHO, which provides an update on the reform process. Much is happening on multiple fronts. Several items summarize the findings of external reviews of WHO’s performance. These join the views of Member States as we work together to give WHO a sharper focus and a more responsive managerial framework."
Dr Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General

In the April 2013 issue

Focus on Executive Board.
A graphic showing many human figures.
  • Stakeholders speak: results from global perception survey
    Listening to external and internal stakeholders is key to policy making and strategic communications. Here’s what 3500 respondents to a recent stakeholder perception survey – external stakeholders and staff – think about WHO.
Strengthening countries
  • Support for India’s vaccine regulatory authority
    At the heart of WHO reform is strengthening work with countries to more effectively meet technical and policy support needs, drawing on expertise from the three levels of the Organization, as well as external experts. This new way of working is demonstrated in the WHO country office for India, led by Dr Nata Menabde.
In brief
  • In brief
    MOPAN assesses WHO; how much should WHO spend on administration and management; UN JIU recommendations taken on board; and the role of WHO in the international system: the Chatham House report.
  • Coming soon
    Looking forward to the 18th PBAC, 66th WHA, 133rd EB, and evaluating reform: first stage complete, second stage on its way.