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Change@WHO - May 2014 newsletter on WHO reform

Due to the priority allocation of resources accorded to the Ebola virus disease, publication of the September 2014 and January 2015 newsletters has been cancelled. The May 2014 newsletter can be downloaded here.

In the May 2014 issue:

  • Focus on the IHR: risk communication training
    The Government of Sudan asked WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean office (EMRO) for support in strengthening its capacity for risk communication, especially through expanding the number of people with those skills.
  • Setting leadership priorities
    Linda Larsson spoke with Dr Cassels about WHO’s leadership priorities. Dr Cassels was Director of Strategy at WHO in the Office of the Director-General and was closely involved in the work on WHO reform over the past few years.
  • Coming events
    WHO Regional Committees will meet in 2014 to set policy and approve budgets and programmes of work for each of the six WHO regions.


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