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Reform on one page

In any process of organizational change there is always a need to take a step back so that the big picture comes into focus.

Over the last two years, numerous meetings have been held and papers presented, ideas discussed and decisions taken. As the WHO reform agenda has developed in scope and complexity, a challenge has emerged: how to capture – simply and clearly – the essence of WHO reform on a single page.

With this in mind we have developed a "strategic thinking map" – an overview of WHO reform with literally hundreds of pages boiled down to one.

Telling the story of reform

The map tells the story of reform, beginning in the top row with who we are and what we do. The next level, “Our reform story”, describes the context within which the need for reform became apparent.

Attendees at the Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly pass by the WHO reform story infographic display.

Early in the process, three strands emerged: programmes and priority setting, governance, and managerial reform. The circle at the centre summarizes the twelve different elements of reform within each of the these three strands; and the specific outcomes we aim at achieve.

What will WHO be like in the future? How will a changed WHO change the world? What will be the benefits for global health? The map concludes with some examples of what success will look like.

The bottom of the map provides a summary of the journey so far, and highlights some of the milestones that we will be travelling past in the next few years.

WHO is changing!