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Contingency Fund for Emergencies (CFE): Contributions and allocations

Last update: 22 December 2017


Since the CFE’s launch in 2015, 11 Member State contributors have provided US$ 44.5 million to the fund.

CFE Contributors in US$ (up to 22 December 2017)

The generosity of our resource partners makes the CFE a fast and flexible financing instrument that gives WHO the funding it needs to kick start emergency response operations.

Funding gap

The World Health Assembly, WHO’s governing body, set a US$ 100 million funding target when it established the CFE in 2015 to ensure the impact and effectiveness of the CFE. Currently, the fund has a US$ 55.5 million funding gap which WHO is seeking to address through an enhanced resource mobilization strategy.


Since the CFE’s launch in 2015, the fund has made 46 emergency allocations for a total of US$ 36 million to 31 countries/territories, 2 regional and 1 global response. Most CFE allocations are released within 24 hours, responding to disease outbreaks, natural disaster and complex humanitarian crises.

List of allocations since inception in US$ (up to 22 December 2017)