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WHO's Contingency Fund for Emergencies provides US$ 500 000 to address urgent health needs in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

WHO Bangladesh/ C. Bercaru

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, 22 September 2017— WHO has released US$ 500 000 from its Contingency Fund for Emergencies to ensure the quick scale-up of operations in Cox’s Bazaar. Since 25 August, 429 000 people are estimated to have crossed from Myanmar to Bangladesh following violence in Rakhine state. These numbers are expected to increase. WHO is concerned for the many health needs of this vulnerable population. Restoring access to clean water and sanitation is a major challenge to prevent the spread of vector and waterborne diseases.

Contingency fund aids rapid response to outbreak of suspected Ebola virus

WHO/E. Kabambi

Responding quickly to an outbreak means moving people and supplies quickly, and that means moving funds quickly too. When WHO received an alert on 9 May of a cluster of unexplained deaths in a remote part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it was able to deploy a team to the affected area just a day later, thanks in part to the WHO Contingency Fund for Emergencies (CFE). The CFE was able to rapidly release the money needed for transport and other vital logistics to get the investigation team to where they were needed.

Contingency Fund for Emergencies income and allocations

- Contributions to the Contingency Fund for Emergencies up to 25 October 2017: US$ 44.5 million.

- Allocations up to 25 October 2017 US$ 33 million in support of WHO activities in response to 42 emergencies worldwide.

Contingency Fund for Emergencies: Impact and achievments

24 February 2017 -- The Contingency Fund for Emergencies has saved lives and helped avert disease outbreaks through targeted interventions. The following overview provides a summary of where, when and why funds have been used and how WHO has delivered results on the ground in response to 15 emergencies worldwide since it began in 2015.

About the Contingency Fund for Emergencies


The World Health Assembly, established a Contingency Fund for Emergencies (CFE), on 26 May 2015. The CFE is a replenishable fund established to provide the resources necessary to rapidly scale up WHO’s initial, acute response to outbreaks and emergencies with health consequences.

The CFE will fund the first 3 months of WHO’s acute emergency response. The CFE is fully funded by voluntary contributions, flexible within the fund’s scope.


68th World Health Assembly: Ebola virus disease outbreak and follow-up to the special session of the Executive Board on Ebola: options for a contingency fund to support WHO's emergency response capacity - May 2015

Circular Letter (29 July 2015): Establishment of the WHO Contingency Fund for Emergencies