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WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme begins with experience

23 June 2016 - As demands to meet emergency health needs increase, WHO’s new Health Emergencies Programme aims to help countries prepare for, prevent, respond to and recover from emergencies quickly, in a more predictable, dependable and accountable way, whether these are caused by disease outbreaks, disasters or conflict.

Renewed partnerships build momentum for WHO’s new Health Emergencies Programme

A WHO field worker talks to refugee childen at a camp in Jordan.

26 May 2016 -- WHO Member States have agreed to one of the most profound transformations in the Organization’s history, establishing the new Health Emergencies Programme during the 69th Session of the World Health Assembly taking place this week. With 130 million people in need of humanitarian assistance worldwide and health emergencies at an all-time high, WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan said, “This is an important step towards WHO becoming a truly operational agency - as requested by our Member States - to complement our technical and normative role.”

One programme, one set of rules and processes

3 February 2016 -- One single Programme, with one workforce, one budget, one set of rules and processes and above all one clear line of authority….” WHO’s Director-General, Deputy Director-General and Regional Directors outline how WHO is making urgent changes to transform its work in outbreaks and emergencies.

Learning from Ebola: readiness for outbreaks and emergencies

Editorial by WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan on the need for the Organization to become a fully operational emergency organization so it can do more to support communities and countries impacted by outbreaks and emergencies with health and humanitarian consequences.

The 6 key areas of emergency reform

The WHO emergency reform process is focused on 6 key areas. Find below relevant information on each area.

5. Accelerated research and development

6. International financing/Contingency Fund

68th World Health Assembly: Ebola virus disease outbreak and follow-up to the special session of the Executive Board on Ebola: options for a contingency fund to support WHO's emergency response capacity - May 2015