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Programmes and priority setting

A doctor speaks with a WHO colleague at one of the sites of the vaccination campaign, Bangui, Central African Republic

Programmatic reform involves explicit priority setting and a strengthened technical delivery model. Priorities must be defined and addressed in a systematic, transparent and focused manner. In parallel, aligning resources – both technical and financial – is essential to the effective and efficient delivery of these priorities and to avoid an overcommitted and overstretched Organization.

Key outcomes of programmatic reform

Needs driven priority setting, result definition and resource allocation aligned to the delivery of results

The clear articulation of WHO objectives and expected results relies on the correct identification and prioritisation of both country needs – where most results are delivered – and issues of strategic importance at the global level. They feed into WHO’s resource allocation mechanisms and ensure the Organization focuses on areas of greatest need and impact.

Improve the delivery model at the three levels of the Organization to better support Member States

With clear priorities and expected results, the Organization can determine a more systematic approach to deliver programmatic work effectively and use financial, human resources and informational resources efficiently. Achieving this means improving WHO’s delivery model based on a clear definition of roles and functions at the 3 levels of the Organization and planning allocation of resources in coherence with this model.

Adequate and aligned financing to support strategic focus

Funding must be broad based, predictable, stable and strategically aligned to Organization-wide priorities. Adequate funding allows greater focus on results delivery, improved attractiveness for talents and greater internal efficiency.

Transparent reporting of results delivery and use of resources

Effective and transparent reporting of the activities and achievements of the Organization are conducive to building trust in the Organization’s relevance and ability to deliver. This increases the likelihood of WHO’s guidance and information being taken up and also creates the conditions for adequate funding in the future.

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