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AGÊNCIA O GLOBO Márcia Foletto
AGÊNCIA O GLOBO Márcia Foletto

Age-friendly cities material

Related Material

The Guide:

- Global Age-friendly Cities: A Guide [pdf 1.57Mb]
- Guide mondial des villes-amies des aînés [pdf 1.96Mb]
- Ciudades Globales Amigables con los Mayores: Una Guía [pdf 1.47Mb]
- Guia Global: Cidade Amiga do Idoso [pdf 2.12Mb]
- Chinese version of the Guide [pdf 2.22Mb]

To order a hard copy of the Global Age-friendly Cities Guide

The Checklists:

- Checklist of essential features of age-friendly cities [pdf 228kb]
- Feuille de route des dispositifs fondamentaux des villes-amies des aînés [pdf 236kb]
- Lista de control de aspectos esenciales de las ciudades amigables con los mayores [pdf 272kb]


- Cité Seniors - Geneva
- United Nations Programme on Ageing
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