Ageing and life-course

Application form to join the WHO Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities

Please note: applications to the Network are processed on a rolling basis and it may take up to three months for processing. You will receive an automatic confirmation of your city or community's application upon submission.

To join the Network, cities must:

  • Complete this online application form.
  • Attach to this form a letter from the Mayor and municipal administration indicating their commitment to the Network cycle of continual improvement.
  • Commence the Network cycle of four steps outlined below:
1. Establishment of mechanisms to involve older people throughout the Age-friendly Cities and Communities cycle

Cities and communities are also encouraged to build partnerships with government and civil society (including NGOs and academic institutions).

2. Development of a baseline assessment of the age-friendliness of the city/community

Note: This assessment can be flexible to take into account the diversity of cities and communities, however at a minimum, it needs to consider each of the eight domains identified in the WHO Age-friendly Cities Guide available at:

  • outdoor spaces and buildings,
  • transportation,
  • housing,
  • social participation,
  • respect and social inclusion,
  • civic participation and employment,
  • communication and information, and
  • community support and health services.
3. Development of a 3-year city-wide action plan based on the findings of this assessment

If possible, the plan will link to other municipal instruments to ensure that age-friendliness becomes a core responsibility for all municipal departments.

4. Identification of indicators to monitor progress against this plan.

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