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Data analysis workshop in Nairobi (May 2008) on trends in health workers salaries

In 2007, the Alliance HPSR together with the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA) adjudicated a call for proposals for primary research on health worker salaries. Three grants were awarded to research organizations based in Kenya (The Kenya Medical Research Institute), Burkina Faso and Chile. Each team is working in several countries within their region using local collaborators.

In May 2008, the Alliance HPSR, with administrative support from the Kenya Medical Research Institute, hosted a three-day data analysis workshop with the study grantees from East and West Africa.

All key investigators from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Niger and Benin participated in the workshop.

In addition a researcher from Zambia, not funded by the alliance but following the same study methods and protocols, also participated in the workshop.

The workshop brought together the study investigators and the project coordinators: David McCoy from the University College of London and Taghreed Adam from the Alliance HPSR with the following objectives:

  • review and discuss the data collected to date in the different study sites, as well as the plan of analysis, interpretation and reporting;
  • resolve outstanding methodological issues and ensure the comparability of results from the different sites; and
  • develop plans for the remainder of the project period.

At the time of the workshop, data collection has been completed in the three west African countries but was still under-way in the three east African countries and in Zambia. The final study reports will be available towards the end of 2008. The report from the Chilean study group, which involved Chile, Peru and Bolivia is already available and can be accessed here.

Workshop in Berkeley (April 08): Identifying and building consensus on human resources for health research priorities

In April, the Alliance along with the Human Resources for Health Department, WHO, hosted a workshop at the University of California, Berkeley. This was a one day addendum to the 2008 Berkeley Conference on the Global Health Workforce. The objectives of this workshop were to:

  • Identify the highest research priorities in the HRH field in low- and middle-income countries;
  • Discuss the feasibility and nature of priority research questions; and
  • Build consensus among key stakeholders about the emerging research agenda.

Prior to the meeting, participants were provided with an unranked list of research questions derived from interviews with key-informant in twenty-four low and middle-income countries. The morning was spent discussing these questions and then completing a short survey that ranked the questions in terms of: their potential impact on health; their "do-ability"; and the extent to which they are already being addressed by researchers. Later, participants discussed the twelve research questions that ranked highest, in terms of: urgency; potential equity impact; and the nature, scope and cost of research methodologies that could be employed to address them. Similar workshops are now being planned to address research priorities in health financing and regarding the non-state health sector. For further information on these thematic areas, please check the Identification of Priority Research Questions Section

SYSTEMATIC REVIEW WORKSHOP in Bangladesh, November 07

Last November, representatives of the systematic review centres and the northern collaborating partners met in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The objectives of this workshop were to:
(i) Provide further support to the systematic review centres, through mutual learning, to enable them to complete their first reviews;
(ii) Reflect as a group on the successes and challenges faced during the initial six months of work and learn lessons from them about how best to move forward;
(iii) Plan for the next phase of work of the centres including the next round of reviews and the development of structured summaries.

The workshop combined plenary (lesson learning) sessions, small group discussions, a few formal didactic sessions on topics including "Assessing Study Quality" and "Analysis and Presentation of Review Results", and a full-day interactive session on the development of structured summaries.

For detailed information on the Systematic Review Centres and reviews being undertaken, please visit the systematic review page

Participants wish to again thank the staff of the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B) for an extremely well-organized workshop and for their warm hospitality!

Launch of Sound Choices at the Global Forum for Health Research, Beijing, October 2007

The Alliance launched its Biennial Review on 30th October, in Beijing.
While health systems constraints are increasingly recognized as primary barriers to the scaling up of health services and achievement of health goals, knowledge regarding how to improve health systems is often weak and frequently not well-utilized in policy-making.
In her key note address to the Forum, Dr Margaret Chan , the Director-General noted that: "So long as investments in health systems are given low priority, research in that area will also be neglected. In the absence of evidence from research, we will have no good way to compel efficient investments in health systems."
Dr Chan referred to Sound Choices and recognized the significant contribution that the Alliance HPSR report makes to better understand and address the capacity constraints in the field of health policy and systems research. If you wish to download the full report, please click on Sound Choices . You can also download each chapter separately in the Resources Section.

In conjunction with the Launch of Sound Choices,
Have Your Say:
Tell us what you think the main challenges in capacity development for health policy and systems research are, and what can be done to address them. Email us at:
We will publish the best comments on our website.

Three new calls for proposals associated with the Biennial Review were launched on the same day. You can download them from the Calls for Proposals Section.

Systematic Review Workshop, Geneva, April 2007

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