Highlights from the fourth global symposium on health systems and policy research, 2016

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16 December 2016 | The Alliance welcomed the outcomes of the recent Symposium on Health Policy and Systems Research, which was attended by more than 2 000 delegates from over 100 countries. The symposium closed with the issuing of the Vancouver Statement, which was read by the Chair of Health Systems Global, Dr Kabir Sheikh. The Statement identified several key actions that need to be taken by researchers, donors and policy-makers.

Connecting policymakers and researchers for improved health policies and programme implementation

16 December 2016 |The Alliance supported the participation of more than 20 policy makers from 18 countries to partake in the Fourth Global Symposium in Vancouver. "Oftentimes, knowing what works is not enough. It comes down to how it is operationalised in a country. This is why the Alliance is connecting researchers and policy makers to sit at the same table to find out how best to strengthen health policies and programme implementation," explains, Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, Executive Director, Dr Abdul Ghaffar.

Nigeria gives birth to Society for Health Policy Research and Knowledge Translation

16 December 2016 | On 29 November 2016, Nigeria gave birth to the first Society for Health Policy Research and Knowledge Translation at Abakaliki in Nigeria. Founding President of the Society, Dr Jesse Uneke said, “The launch of this Society represents nearly 8 years of advocating and building the field of health policy and systems."

Participatory Leadership Report launched at the Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

17 November 2016 | The Alliance launched its Flagship Report "Open Mindsets: Participatory Leadership for Health" at the Fourth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, along with a special issue on “Effective Leadership for Health Systems” in the Health Systems & Reform Journal. Dr Abdul Ghaffar, Executive Director of the Alliance said, “As we advance into the Sustainable Development Goals era, it becomes increasingly clear that traditional individualistic and hierarchical leadership approaches are out of date and ineffectual."


Alliance HPSR board member vacancy

The Alliance is seeking nominations for board members. Applications close on 15 March 2017. Interested candidates should send in their application to alliancehpsr@who.int.

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