Alliance 2014 Annual Report: Building Momentum and Community

16 March 2015 | The Alliance is pleased to announce the release of its 2014 Annual Report: Building Momentum and Community. The Alliance achieved much in 2014, supporting more than 80 projects in 40 low- and middle-income countries. To do so, we relied on our community of partners and grantees who provided expertise, contacts, encouragement and support. The report provides an overview of key achievements and ongoing progress; knowledge generation and research capacity building projects; publications and resources; financial summary and contributor list.

The role of the non-state provider in achieving universal health coverage

24 February 2015 | While governments have the primary responsibility in moving their nations towards UHC to ensure access to health services without direct payment at the point of service, there is growing recognition of the important role of non-state providers in contributing to both health financing and service provision in many low- and middle-income countries.

Critics argue that in many LMIC settings these providers are unregulated, provide poor quality services and that their use is associated with high out of pocket spending and impoverishment. On the other hand, the fact that people continue to use these providers, often in preference to public systems points to the important role that they play.

Advancing Implementation Research and Delivery Science (IRDS)

Health Systems Global

3 February 2015 | IRDS is a collaborative enterprise focused on learning and action to improve health in “real world” conditions. IRDS employs research to improve policies and programme delivery, and to spread knowledge gained from implementation. It addresses a range of implementation challenges, including complex processes, inefficient use of resources, inequitable allocation of resources, and supply and demand barriers to scaling-up and sustainability. The consensus statement on IRDS, launched at the Cape Town Symposium, is a call for action to all stakeholders to promote dialogue and increased engagement.

Alliance Flagship Report on Medicines in Health Systems

Health Systems Global

1 February 2015 | The Alliance`s 4th Flagship Report on "Medicines in Health Systems: Advancing access, affordability and appropriate use" applies a systems approach to medicines. Through various country-case studies, the report illustrates major challenges and advances in the access, affordability and appropriate use of medicines in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).


Latest News

Alliance leads study on how governments can prevent tragic death toll of mothers and newborns during the postnatal period

13 April 2015 - Research evidence is crucial in uncovering reasons why health systems have failed in addressing the needs of mothers and newborns in LMICs. One such example is a systematic review recently conducted by the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, and published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization (April 2015) that examines why post-natal services have been underutilized using data from 15 LMICs. See news.

Recruitment of the Vice-President - Canadian Institute for Health Information (Closing date: 22 April 2015)

2 April 2015 - The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) is advertising for the Vice-President Research and Analysis position. CIHI helps improve Canada's health system and the well-being of Canadians by providing unbiased and comparable information for health leaders to make better decisions. The Vice-President Research and Analysis helps to shape CIHI's strategic vision, provides leadership and advice and oversees and promotes information development and dissemination as it relates to health services, population health and health research. View the Vacancy Notice - Vice-President Research and Analysis

Closer ties between the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research and Health Systems Global

20 March 2015 - Two of the leading organizations working on health systems research have mapped out areas for closer collaboration. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Health Systems Global and the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research aims to establish, define, encourage and improve cooperation between the two organizations with an overarching goal of strengthening the field of health systems research. Under the MoU, the organizations agree to collaborate on specific areas and initiatives, and to exchange strategic and technical information.

Expanding capacities to conduct HPSR: What are the major gaps and opportunities in teaching and training?

25 February 2015 - Many international institutions are increasingly recognizing the importance of developing health policy and systems research (HPSR) capacity to support health systems. A new report conducted by the Health Systems Global Thematic Working Group on Teaching and Learning Health Policy and Systems Research, with support from the Alliance, maps current teaching and training programmes focused on HPSR relevant to low- and middle-income countries. See full report.

Advancing access to medicines: Learning from country experiences

23 February 2015 - The Journal of Pharmaceutical Policies and Practice has launched a thematic series on medicines in health systems. The series contains a set of papers on country experiences and overarching issues related to medicines in health systems in Asian countries on the path to universal health coverage. See news.

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Health Systems Global (HSG)

Founded in 2012, HSG is an international society that aims to improve health systems performance through policy and research.

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Launch of new journal: Health Systems & Reform

Health Systems & Reform (HS&R) is a new journal dedicated to bridging research, theory & analysis with knowledge and experience in health systems and reform.

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