Evidence-Informed Policy

The Alliance is committed to supporting national processes for evidence-informed policy making. Given relatively limited resources, and lack of evidence as to which types of interventions are most likely to be effective in supporting evidence-informed policy making, the Alliance decided to work in a small number of countries with the objectives of:

  • Positively influencing the development of policies at the country level, in one or more of the thematic areas (health care financing, human resources for health and/or the role of non-state sector), through the use of evidence

  • Contributing to evidence-informed policy making through

    • promoting exchange between researcher and policy makers;

    • establishing mechanisms that encourage policy makers to seek and apply evidence and

    • encouraging researchers to package evidence in a policy-friendly manner.

  • Prospectively evaluating the interventions aimed at promoting evidence-informed policy making.

While there are many countries where such support is needed, the Alliance HPSR is focusing on several countries for the coming two to three year period.

Grant agreements have been developed to-date with Viet Nam, EVIPNET (Evidence-Informed Policy Networks) country from Western Pacific, the Kyrgyz Republic, long supported by DFID (Department For International Development) that aims to link research-evidence with the policy process and the REACH (Regional East African Community Health) Initiative, an initiative including Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

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Health Policy Analysis Institutes: Landscaping and Learning from Experience

The following study aims to review evidence from and experience with health policy analysis institutes in low- and middle-income countries, with the aim of informing the Rockefeller Foundation’s health systems capacity development strategy, and the strategy of other partners interested in capacity development for policy analysis. The Rockefeller Foundation funded this study through the Alliance in 2009. The Alliance embarked on a "landscaping study" of health policy institutes, coordinating 6 country case studies in the process.

If you would like a copy of the Report, please contact the Alliance Secretariat.

Summaries of research syntheses

The Methodology Centre for Systematic Reviews of Health Policy and Systems Research has been working with the European Union funded SUPPORT project to develop and test a standardized approach for writing summaries of existing systematic reviews. The following link to the SUPPORT Summaries and the new health systems summaries.

Overview of systematic reviews

The following is a background document prepared for an international dialogue on evidence-informed action to achieve health goals in developing countries. The first link includes the executive summary and the second the full report.

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