A first glance at the findings from an Alliance-led study on fund flows for HPSR at Forum 2015

24 September 2015

Results from a first-ever study of fund flows for health policy and systems research (HPSR) to low- and-middle income countries was presented by the Alliance at the Global Forum on Research and Innovation for Health (Forum 2015) held this year in Manila, Philippines.

In the presentation made by Dr Zubin Shroff (Alliance), it was highlighted that trends in funding to HPSR have increased since 2006, but still only make up a small fraction of development assistance for health and still remains low compared to funding for biomedical research.


The well-attended afternoon session engaged a wide range of audiences from public, private and non- profit sectors around issues of financial resources for HPSR and the potential of HPSR in enhancing the effectiveness of medical and technological innovations.

The findings from this work, which will be included in the Alliance`s “Monitoring the Field of Health Policy and Systems Research” report due to launch in 2016, will serve a critical role in advocating for the field of HPSR, both nationally and globally.

For more information, contact Zubin Shroff (shroffz@who.int).