Bringing policy-makers views to the HPSR community

To bring the views of policy makers to the HPSR community, the Alliance has produced several video interviews. The videos feature policy makers from Chile, Republic of Congo, Ghana, India, Pakistan and South Africa share their experiences on why health policy and systems research is important.

"Bringing the views of policymakers to the fore, is about recognising that health systems research is a means to an end; its value ultimately depends on whether it is available to, understood by, and used by decision-makers," says Dr Abdul Ghaffar, Executive Director of the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research.

The policymakers interviewed are members of the Health Policy Leadership Initiative a group established to help inform the work of the Alliance with regards to identify and prioritize areas and topics of research in order to ensure that these respond directly to their needs, which in turn can facilitate the integration of evidence into policy.

The launch of this group was held at the Fourth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in November 2016.

Listen first hand to their views on how their country is using HPSR to inform policy making and their advice for embedding research within Ministries of Health.