Winners of the first-ever Alliance essay competition

13 April 2017

The Alliance is pleased to announce the winners of its first-ever essay competition on the future of health policy and systems research. In total 84 submissions were received. The winning paper will be presented as a background paper to stimulate discussions of a high-level conference on “Health policy and systems research: 20 years on,” in Stockholm, Sweden from 25-26 April 2017.

“The number and quality of essays received was encouraging and shows that young researchers are recognizing the importance of this field for stronger and resilient health systems especially as we look at innovative approaches to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Universal Health Coverage (UHC). It was also encouraging to see how many essays noted the importance of engaging with decision-makers to ensure that HPSR is used," said Dr Abdul Ghaffar, Executive Director of the Alliance.

The winning paper titled, “Expanding the boundaries of HPSR: A southern perspective,” by Edwards, Whyle and fellow writers identify, “navigating the gaps between global and local health agendas, conducting trans-disciplinary HPSR…developing and furthering theory-building for HPSR” as critical challenges for achieving the SDG Agenda 2030. The solutions lie in amongst others in building and strengthening partnerships between stakeholders, especially between policy-makers, researchers and other multidisciplinary actors.


1st place

Amanda Edwards, Eleanor Whyle, Annabel Grieve, Chelsea Lee and Chirag Rajpuria

3rd place

Lisa Parvin, Daniela Valdés, Catherine Sinfield, Ani Gururaj, Shameer Kunnathpeedikayil and Stephanie Collier