Collaboration with health research entities interested in the generation and use of research evidence

Over 2009, the Alliance made particular strides in collaborating with organizations and entities interested in the generation and use of research evidence – especially within the World Health Organization (WHO) and Geneva-based health research entities.

Working with Geneva-based health research entities

Since the Bamako Ministerial Forum in 2008, some academics and donors have argued that a number of global health entities with seemingly similar objectives – particularly those based in Geneva – tend to work independently. This naturally raises questions about their strategic and operational efficiencies.

The response of these Geneva-based entities to such commentary has been strong. Their desire to increase dialogue and interaction – and explore shared roles, responsibilities and activities – has resulted in the formation of the Geneva- Based Collaborative Arrangements for Global Health Research. The group includes the following six WHO-based research partnerships and two non-governmental organizations:

Throughout the year, the Alliance participated actively in all discussions in creating this group, playing a particular role in bringing together partners and promoting health systems research – a common interest uniting all eight entities, to which the Alliance can bring its high-level technical expertise in HPSR.