Health Systems Research Synthesis

Since 2009, the Alliance has been coordinating meetings and discussions of a Working Group on Health Systems Research Synthesis with the primary goal of developing stronger and better international collaboration for synthesizing health systems evidence.
Early in 2011, a set of recommendations for the Alliance STAC were finalised by the Working Group. The recommendations for the Alliance included:

  • Play a central role in advancing the science of health systems research (HSR) synthesis by developing and strengthening networks between individuals and institutions, collaborations and groups that have an interest in HSR synthesis and translation.
  • Provide overall support, information sharing and potential coordination related to: setting priorities for HSR synthesis regionally and globally; and increasing the capacity building in HSR synthesis and translation both relevant to, and within low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).
  • Advocate and support a common global database for all types of systematic reviews of HSR.
  • Explore expansion of the range of study designs that can be included in reviews of the effectiveness of HSR interventions.
  • Pilot a system for producing demand-driven syntheses/systematic reviews of HSR addressing questions other than effectiveness.
  • Advocate for and support prospective registration of all protocols for systematic reviews when they are planned.