Access to Medicines Research Programme

Access to medicines remains a significant barrier to improved health in low- and middle-income countries. This is due in part to vertically-oriented policies and interventions in the area of medicines that typically result in short-term effects.

A wider approach that actively connects the different components of health systems (e.g. health financing, service delivery, human resources) is needed to ensure that policies are more effective at addressing systems constraints.

Drawing on its expertise in health policy and systems research, the Alliance aims to link the area of medicines and pharmaceuticals with other blocks of the health system to draw a more comprehensive picture of access to medicines issues.

Research programme

In May 2012 the Alliance issued a call for proposals on access to medicines. The objective of the call was to explore the connections between medicines and three other functions of health systems: health financing, governance, and health information. Seven research teams were awarded funding for this programme.

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