Annual report 2016: partnership and policy engagement

World Health Organization, Alliance for Health Policy and System Research

Publication details

Editors: World Health Organization
Publication date: 2017
Languages: English



Looking back at 2016, it was a year of strengthening and forging stronger partnerships to operationalise the Alliance’s Strategic Plan 2016-2020. The Report titled, "Partnership and Policy Engagement” provides examples of our collaboration with partners and policy actors to strengthen the performance of health systems in low and middle-income countries.

For instance, the launch the flagship report, "Open mindsets: Participatory leadership for health" is an example of our thought leadership by placing this important topic on the HPSR agenda. Other milestones include, how through, increased collaboration with partners, the Alliance advanced the approach of “embedded research," to generate deeper evidence to improve health systems.

The Alliance also established new mechanisms such as the Health Policy Leadership Initiative and the Learning, Engaging and Advocating for Policy and Systems Research (LEAP) Forum to strengthen the collaboration of researchers and policy makers. Connecting researchers with policy makers ensures that the research undertaken is relevant and produces the evidence needed to improve the performance of health systems. Through this engagement, policy actors are collaborating as partners, rather than as recipients or target audiences, for research initiatives.

These are just some of the accomplishments contained in this report. These achievements are made possible through the power of our collaboration with partners.