Flagship Reports


The Alliance, on a regular basis, produces a Flagship Report on a cutting-edge topic that keeps the Alliance “ahead of the curve”. Arrived at in consultation with its Board, STAC and selected partners, each Flagship Report addresses questions that confront researchers, policy-makers and other practitioners across the globe. The Alliance’s Flagship Report Series is a key instrument in promoting ideas that address current gaps or challenges and stimulating debate on a priority topic identified by stakeholders in the field.

The first Flagship Report was 2004’s “Strengthening health systems: the role and promise of health policy and systems research,” with the principal goal of increasing knowledge on health systems and applying that knowledge to strengthen health systems. The second Report, produced in 2007, was “Sound Choices: enhancing capacity for evidence-informed health policy,” which analyzed capacity constraints in linking research and policy processes.

In 2009, the Flagship Report, “Systems Thinking for Health Systems Strengthening” asked: how can we start thinking in “systems” in order to strengthen them? How can we better understand the effects an individual intervention may have on the overall health system? And how can we evaluate our efforts given the inherent complexity of systems and the way interventions affect the various building blocks of a health system?