Flagship Report Series

Medicines in Health Systems: Advancing access, affordability and appropriate use

In its 2014 Flagship Report, "Medicines in Health Systems: Advancing access, affordability and appropriate use", the Alliance employs a health systems approach to provide an analysis of essential medicines in LMICs. Through the use of country case-studies, the Report evaluates the stated goals of medicines policies against their actual outcomes and implementation challenges. The Report also offers guidance and recommendations to inform, monitor, and appraise the inevitable reforms required to increase the availability of quality-assured, cost-effective medicines in resource-poor settings.

As different elements of systems must function in a coordinated fashion to ensure that medicines benefit lives – from the development, production, marketing, registration, selection, financing, procurement, distribution, prescribing, dispensing and ultimately use of medicines – the inclusion of multiple stakeholders is of critical importance. This Report is intended for each one of these actors. The Report also represents a reading for anyone interested in ensuring equitable, affordable access to appropriately used essential medicines in LMICs.

Flagship Report on Medicines in Health Systems

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