African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC)

National onchocerciasis task forces (NOTFs)

Ministries of health have the ultimate responsibility for implementing national plans for onchocerciasis control.

National onchocerciasis task forces are created and chaired by the ministries of health to help implement control programmes. In addition to the ministries of health, the WHO country office, non-governmental development organizations (NGDOs) and other key partners and stakeholders are represented in the task forces.

Role of the task forces

Under the guidance of the ministries of health in each country, the role of the national onchocerciasis task forces includes:

  • enabling a favourable environment for all partners involved in onchocerciasis control
  • ensuring the free entry of ivermectin without imposing taxes or other costs
  • developing national onchocerciasis control plans and specific project proposals to submit to the APOC management for funding
  • overseeing the implementation of community-directed treatment projects
  • ensuring the availability and timely delivery of ivermectin to health facilities for the affected communities to collect
  • securing funds at country level.