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Costa Rica - Family Planning

Report from Costa Rica, part II

Mother and child

A young mother and her child visiting the children's hospital in San José.

Nurse vaccinating newborn baby

Great care is taken to ensure that children have the best possible level of health. At the children's hospital in San José, one of the most modern hospitals in central America, all newborn babies are vaccinated against tuberculosis.


In many places, children from poor families suffering from tuberculosis receive free meals.

Nurse giving a course

At the Claret health centre, nurse Yolande Knudsen gives a family planning class to mothers of all ages.

Radio recording

The family planning centre of San José is open to all those who have family planning problems. Conferences are held here and the centre records radio programmes each week. In the photo, Father Carlo (right), teacher Cecilia Amighetti and psychologist Rafael Ruano take turns in front of the microphone.

Padre Carlo in conference

In this country where the Church has a great influence, the clergy supports the action being undertaken by the government, not as a criticism of the papal doctrine, but by providing a different interpretation. Christian morals do not oppose the use of contraceptives if it is a matter of saving the physical or mental health of a woman or to maintain an already precarious family budget, which could be seriously compromised by the birth of an additional child. In this photo, Father Carlo explains the moral and spiritual aspects of family planning.

Professor Cecila Amighetti course

Among those who frequent the centre, there are many young couples and couples who are planning to get married. They talk to the priest, doctor, psychologist, social worker and the teacher (photo). Each of them talk to the couples about family planning from their different perspectives.