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Document of the month: August 2008

The Brazilian artist Iberê Camargo created in 1966 a painting donated by Brazil to decorate the WHO main building hall. This is one of the 13 sketches by the artist, drawn in preparation for the final picture. It shows the potential points of view on the painting.
Iberê Camargo, born in November 1914 in Restinga Seca, Brazil, is one of the great names in 20th century art. He studied in Europe with masters such as Giorgio de Chirico, Carlos Alberto Petrucci, Antônio Achille and André Lothe, and his work has been exhibited worldwide. The artist died in August 1994 in Porto Alegre, in Brazil aged 79, leaving a collection of more than 7000 works. A large number are now part of the Iberê Camargo Foundation collection.

Iberê Camargo's sketch

Taken from the "Archives on the Construction of the Headquarters building"

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