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Document of the month: November 2010

"World Diabetes Day", 14 November 2010.

In the happy atmosphere of the institution for young diabetes sufferers at Hinrichssegen, Bavaria, it is difficult to believe that these boys are all afflicted with an incurable disease.
Yet they themselves are perfectly aware of it and know that they are there to learn how to treat themselves and to live with the disease while attending school and leading as active and normal lives as possible. The doctor and the medical team help in this process of education and quickly gain the child's full confidence. This constant contact and mutual understanding between boy and doctor ensures that the treatment is effective and leads the boy towards a full and normal life.
Self-injection of insulin.
Taken from a photo report by Tibor Farkas. Germany, 1970.

Self-injection of insulin
WHO/Tibor Farkas

Taken from the "Photographic Archives, Sub-fonds Photographs"

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