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Document of the month: March 2010

"World TB Day", 24 March 2010.

India against the bad cough, 1959. India has over 5 million cases of tuberculosis. Two thirds of her population are carriers of virulent tuberculosis bacilli. By systematically vaccinating the rising generation and with the help of chemotherapy, India hopes gradually to redress the balance. Mobile X-ray units go from village to village, young sociologists convince the inhabitants that they must not dissimulate the disease, visiting nurses see to it that the sick follow their treatment. But housing and sanitation sometimes leave much to be desired and present efforts must be intensified if the disease is to be brought under control.
Our photo show what is being done, with WHO help, in the district of Tumkur, State of Mysore, to fight tuberculosis.
Recovery is the reward for the perseverance of this young man: he has completely regained his strength. Yet he hesitates when the doctor asks him for a final sample of sputum, for he is afraid that he will be considered still to be suffering from tuberculosis.
WHO Photo by Paul Almasy, India, 1959.

Doctor and patient checking a sample of sputum, India, 1959.
WHO/Paul Almasy

Taken from the "Photographic Archives, Sub-fonds Photographs"

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