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Document of the month: October 2010

"World Mental Health Day", 10 October 2010.

"Buena Vista" is the name of a psychiatric centre founded in 1962 in the State of Guarico, Venezuela, to service a rural area.
More than 300 patients live at Buena Vista and are free to come and go as they please. The atmosphere is very friendly and patients, if they feel like it, can work. Buena Vista has a workshop, a coffee plantation and a farm with cattle. The patients can choose their activity for which they are paid a token sum. With the money earned they can make small purchases at the centre's shop. According to Venezuelan health officials this kind of therapy is most effective.
Our picture shows patients sorting coffee grains.
Taken from a photo report by Paul Almasy. Venezuela, 1972.

Patients sorting coffee grains. Venezuela, 1972.
WHO/Paul Almasy

Taken from the "Photographic Archives, Sub-fonds Photographs"

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