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Document of the month: September 2011

World Rabies Day, 28 September 2011.

A research programme, coordinated by the World Health Organization and the Food and Agricultural Organization, was set up to determine the extent of rabies in specific areas and to establish the best methods for controlling the disease or eradicating it if possible. To determine the role of the fox as a reservoir of the disease, FAO and WHO jointly collected detailed information on the transmission of rabies by foxes and other animal species. By nature wildlife is difficult for man to study. To get an accurate picture of how rabies is transmitted among wild animals, a way had to be found to observe animals in their natural habitat. Radiotelemetry seemed to be one of the best methods of showing this.

Transistor and antenna used by Dr J. L. van Haaften to locate foxes in liberty equipped with transmitters. The device can be used in a moving car. National Park Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands, 1971.

Using radiotelemetry to locate foxes in liberty equipped with transmitters.
WHO/Eric Schwab

Taken from the "Photographic Archives, Sub-fonds Photographs"

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