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Document of the month: July 2012

A map of Chandigarh, the capital city of the state of Punjab in India.

The overcrowding of towns is a world problem. In 1950, the Government of the state of Punjab invited the world-famous sculptor-architect Le Corbusier to become its architectural adviser to build a completely new city and in 1953, Chandigarh was inaugurated.

Chandigarh was designed according to the principles laid down in the nineteen-thirties by such architects as Tony Garnier, Auguste Perret and Le Corbusier: dwellings must have sunlight and air; they should not be huddled together; gloomy courtyards should be avoided; industry must be kept away from housing areas; parkland is a vital necessity. Noise and pollution will thus be reduced.

Taken from a photo report by Tambarahalli S. Satyan. India, 1963.

Examination of a map of Chandigarh
WHO/T. S. Satyan

Taken from the "Photographic Archives, Sub-fonds Photographs"

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