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Document of the month: August 2012

Factory health.

30,000 workers are employed in this factory at Rüsselsheim (Germany). Their health is looked after by 6 medical teams (8 doctors, 31 nurses, 3 masseurs, and 12 laboratory workers). The health services of such big factories are concerned with first aid, accident prevention, occupational diseases and hygiene generally and they also have to solve problems like noise, air pollution and the recruitment of suitable personnel.

Classes in first aid are being taught how to pull an injured man out of a pit, and how to put an injured worker on a stretcher and carry him in stairways.

Taken from a photo report by Eric Schwab. Germany, 1959.

First aid class in a German factory
WHO/Eric Schwab

Taken from the "Photographic Archives, Sub-fonds Photographs"

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