Archives of WHO


Sources available in the Archives

WHO's successful struggle against smallpox is illustrative of the work it has carried out during its history. This subject forms a separate fonds, although it is also covered by other fonds:

  • Archives of the Office International d'Hygiène Publique (OIHP)
    Vaccination certificates are tangible evidence of the effort made by OIHP to control smallpox. For further information, consult the inventory.
  • Archives of the Smallpox Eradication Programme
    This fonds documents activities connected with the Smallpox Eradication Programme. For further information, consult the contents of the fonds.
  • Centralized files
    The "Centralized files" contain various documents relating to smallpox control: correspondence, circulars and vaccination certificates. For further information, consult the contents of the inventories of the sub-fonds.
  • "Project Files" Archives
    This fonds contains documents relating to smallpox at the national level, from the Regional Offices.
  • Photographic Archives, Sub-fonds Photographs
    This sub-fonds contains photographs on smallpox in the different WHO Regions: Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Eastern Mediterranean. For further information, consult the list of photographs by subject.
  • WHO Media and Film Archives
    This fonds contains administrative and technical documents on the production, filming and distribution of films on smallpox. For further information, consult the list of the fonds.

Other sources available

  • The Smallpox Eradication Chronicle
    This online archive, hosted by Emory University Libraries, provides historic video and audio interviews, photos, presentations and government papers that document the intense battle to eradicate smallpox.
  • Smallpox history
    The site of the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL proposes a comprehensive and illustrated history of smallpox.
  • Rare books on plague, smallpox and epidemiology
    The Library has digitized a number of its oldest books on smallpox.