WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization (ECBS)

The WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization (ECBS) was established in 1947 to provide detailed recommendations and guidelines for the manufacturing, licensing and control of blood products and related in vitro diagnostic tests, biotechnology products and vaccines along with the establishment of WHO Biological Reference Materials. The ECBS meets on an annual basis and reports directly to the Executive Board, the executive arm of the World Health Assembly.

Members of the Expert Committee are scientists from National Regulatory Agencies, academia, research institutes and public health bodies. The decisions and recommendation of the Committee are based entirely on scientific principles and considerations of public health.

Written guidelines and recommendations submitted to the ECBS are drafted through a consultative process during which WHO brings together experts in the topic from around the world. Reference materials are established through scientific studies involving participation of a large number of laboratories worldwide.

Proceedings of ECBS meetings

The proceedings of the meetings of the ECBS are published in the WHO Technical Report Series (TRS). They provide the information on the establishment, discontinuation and replacement of the WHO Biological Reference Materials as well as on the adoption of Guidelines and Recommendations. The TRS are available electronically as well as publications, and relevant topics can be searched either by the TRS number or by topic, using the navigation bar on the left-hand side of this page.

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