A large number of publications on diverse topics is produced by the biological standardization programme of WHO. These include:

  • Written reports of the proceedings and conclusions of consultations and other meetings are available shortly after its conclusion.
  • Guidance documents which appear on the WHO Biologicals website prior to being published in the reports of the Expert Committee on Biological Standardization (ECBS) in the Technical Report Series (TRS).
  • Biological standardization study reports (BS documents) which serve as the basis for the establishment of physical reference materials by the Expert Committee (ECBS) are published.

The rapid appearance of such documents in electronic form conform with WHO's policy of impartial and evidence-based decision making. The documents posted on this site represent however, only a part of the total work of WHO in the quality control and utilization medicines, and additional information can be obtained in the home pages of the contributing areas. Paper copies of many of these documents are also available for purchase from the document centers listed in the links section below.

Links to meeting reports, the Technical Report Series, and the reference preparations are provided on individual topic pages. These can be found by using the navigational tabs on the left side of each page of this site.




  • WHO Informal Consultation on development of guidelines on procedures and data requirements for changes to approved biotherapeutic products including biosimilars, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 27-28 April 2017
  • Working Group meeting on revision of WHO TRS 941, Annex 5: WHO biosafety risk assessment and Guidelines for the production and quality control of human influenza pandemic vaccines, Geneva, Switzerland, 9-10 May 2017
  • Working group meeting on Hepatitis E Vaccine, Geneva, Switzerland, 11-12 May 2017


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