Technical Report Series: biological products: general recommendations

Guidelines on evaluation of similar Biotherapeutic Products (SBPs), ECBS, 19-23 October 2009

Biological products, use of animal cells as in vitro substrates

Title 1: Requirements for the use of animal cells as in vitro substrates for the production of biologicals; Revised 1996, TRS No 878, Annex 1
Title 2: Requirements for the use of animal cells as in vitro substrates for the production of biologicals; Addendum 2003

Biological products, regulation and licensing

Title 1: Regulation and licensing of biological products in countries with newly developing Regulatory Authorities; Adopted at ECBS 1994; Reference: TRS No 858, Annex 1
Title 2: Guidelines for national authorities on quality assurance for biological products; Adopted at ECBS 1991; Reference: TRS No 822, Annex 2

Biological products, GMP

Title 1: Good Manufacturing Practices for biological products; Adopted 1991, TRS no 822, Annex 1

Biological products, rDNA

Title: Biological Products prepared by recombinant DNA technology; Adopted 1990, TRS No 814, Annex 3

Biological products, sterility

Title: General requirements for the sterility of biological substances Revised 1973, TRS No 530, Annex 4
Amendment 1995, TRS No 872, Annex 3

Technical Report Series No. 822, 1992 Annex 3

Guidelines for assurîng the quality of monoclonal antibodies for use in humans




  • TCV Workshop, NIBSC, Potters Bar, UK, 8-10 March 2016
  • WHO informal consultation on labelling information on influenza vaccines intended to be used for pregnant women, Geneva, Switzerland, 4-5 April 2016
  • WHO informal consultation on WHO guidelines on regulatory preparedness for vaccine non-producing countries in response to pandemic influenza emergency, Geneva, Switzerland, 6-7 April 2016
  • WHO working group meeting on guidelines on the quality, safety and efficacy of Ebola vaccines, Geneva, Switzerland, 4-5 May 2016


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